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past updates

01/08/06                                created Baby Shower page

09/10/05                                reorganized Honig Family page, moving photo galleries and trip diaries here

08/14/05                                added slideshow from anniversary party

06/25/05                                added Today in History box to index page

03/07/05                                added to established Vacation 02/05 page

02/07/05                                added one recipe to recipe page and added Pooh's Page

01/15/05                                 added three recipes to the recipe page

08/14/04                                 added page for 2004 summer vacation

06/13/04                                 updated Little Shop of Horrors page to reflect cast changes

05/17/04                                 updated Big River page with Playbill article about tour

04/16/04                                 updated Reading List with one book

04/05/04                                updated Big River page with information about tour

04/04/04                                updated SP More Memories page

03/31/04                                updated reading list, some updates have been made to theatre list as well

03/09/04                                Made some minor changes on index page, including a new link for guestbook (Pooh, of course)

01/04/04                                Added some new recipes

12/29/03                                changed hover buttons.....long story!

11/19/03                                 Journal entry

11/18/03                                 Journal entry

11/17/03                                 Journal entry

11/13/03                                 Journal entry

11/11/03                                 Journal entry

11/08/03                                Journal entry...oh my!

11/06/03                                Journal entry

11/01/03                                Archived October journal, began November

10/31/03                                Journal entry, Happy Halloween!

10/30/03                                Addition to theatre-going page and rearranged "home" page

10/28/03                                Journal entry and state of confusion

10/25/03                                Journal entry regarding interpreted Amadeus

10/23/03                                Journal entry

10/22/03                                Added horoscope link to home page.

10/20/03                                Added photos to new photo section on Honig Family Spot (honig family)

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