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07/20/03                Updated theatre-going page, journal and "more memories" page in the theatre section.  Also, got started on putting links on top of pages.

07/26/03                Added to journal.  Still too lazy to finish with links!

07/27/03                Finished with those links.  At least, I hope I did them all!

07/28/03                Added to journal.

07/30/03                Added to journal.

07/31/03                Added more links to link page.  Check out "Megan's weblog" and see pictures of her adorable daughter, Annabella. 

08/01/03                It's a new month for the journal.

08/03/03                Found some cute Pooh graphics to add some variety to some pages.

08/06/03                Added pictures to yahoo photo page (link here) and a picture to the journal page.

08/08/03                journal entry

08/13/03                journal entry

08/14/03                Added hyperlinks for people whose computers have old browsers or are "java-challenged".  Also added a new page to the theatre section (just guess).

08/15/03                I think I finished adding hyperlinks to match all the hover buttons and added a journal entry about the 03 blackout (is that what they'll be calling it?).

08/17/03                Posted picture from Colleen's graduation party here on the journal page for August.  You need to scroll down.  I also added a little feature to the first page (home), on the left hand side just under the guestbook link.  It's a "pass-it-on" feature.  Clicking on it will take you to a pop-up window which will allow you to send the link to a friend.  Cute, huh?

08/18/03                Kim's birthday entry in journal and added link to Little Shop page.

08/21/03                Added link to Big River page.

08/23/03                Journal entry

08/24/03                Journal entry

08/27/03                Journal entry (Happy Birthday, Kelly) and some added links for theatre articles

08/29/03                Journal and Little Shop updates for beginning of performances (Little Shop)

08/30/03                Journal entry - Big River

09/01/03                Journal entry and replaced picture on Little Shop page (Little Shop) with picture of the new playbill and added a link.

09/03/03                Journal entry and added links to Big River and Little Shop.

09/07/03                Journal entry and new recipe page added (recipes).  Counter hit 100 today!

09/08/03                Journal entry, added reading list  along with some more Pooh graphics and more recipes. 

09/09/03                Added interview with Douglas Sills to Little Shop page.

09/10/03                Journal entry and added article and link to amazon for new Bwy cast recording to Little Shop.

09/14/03                Journal entry   

09/16/03                Journal entry and link added to Little Shop page.

09/18/03                Journal entry

09/21/03                Journal entry, flea market

09/23/03                Journal entry, first day of fall

09/26/03                Journal entry and added link to Little Shop page

09/27/03                Yet another journal entry

09/30/03                Last Sept. journal entry for 2003

10/01/03                started October journal

10/03/03                Little Shop opened last night!  Links on Little Shop page and short journal entry.  Also, added a new photo album.  Nothing in there yet but newer pictures will be added there.  It's easier than setting it all up myself.

10/06/03                Journal entry

10/13/03                Journal entry and addition to theatre-going page.

10/18/03                Journal entry with picture and addition to theatre-going page.

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