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August, 2009

August 8, 2009

I've run out of excuses!

Where have I been??  What has taken me so long?  I just couldn't find anything interesting to say.  It's also true that I wonder what the point is when there are so few people reading this.  Then today, by chance, I decided to check out the website stats and found this:

This map shows the last ten visitors to this site.  You mean, someone's actually clicking the link?  Maybe I should actually post something.  I feel responsible now!

Another page on this site that I've been neglecting lately is the recent Finished Objects page.  I find that since I'm posting my projects on ravelry, I'm slow to post pictures here.  There have been a few things finished lately, including some baby things.  The handspun socks are finished as well.  I'll have to sit down and organize everything so I can update accurately.

So, here I am and, hopefully, more to come!


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