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Finished Objects


Baby hats for charity, various yarns.

I love this color and the yarn is so soft, 100% merino wool, hand dyed.

Five completed socks. Stay tuned for the mates.

Mock "fair isle" sock, with self-patterning yarn.

My sweater, made with wool from sheep raised in Fairfield, just outside Gettysburg. This yarn is handspun and hand dyed.

Baby sweater and hat, an example of what can be done with Knitware software.

Kelly's poncho. Two panels made on the knitting machine. Ribbing, crochet border and fringe by hand.

Lorelai's poncho. Just like Mommy's!

Lorelai's baby quilt

Vanessa's wedding quilt

Lorelai's Christmas stocking

Lorelai's First Halloween costume.

A cute and comfy pumpkin.

The little pumpkin in her Halloween costume.

Kim's poncho. The color is actually a pretty lilac blue.

Green socks, pattern found on the web, knit with two strands of Wildfoote from Brown Sheep, color Jungle.

A striped stocking cap for Kim's friend, for a Halloween costume. I love it!

Merino wool from Hello Yarn. Pattern is the Classic sock pattern from the Folk Socks book.

Soft merino wool multicolor socks.

These are 100% wool knit mittens, lined with fleece fabric.

Detail of the fleece blanket-stitched to the inside of the mitten.

Cable knit socks, my first patterned sock.

His and Hers Victorian style Christmas stockings.

Lorelai's stocking for Nana's house. It's gansey style with seed stitch patterns.

Completed mock "fair isle" socks.

Billy's hat

My shawl. Paton's classic wool in winter white.

Center knitted on the machine, border single crocheted. Pattern from Knitware software.

Janet's shawl

Brown mittens for me (color-chocolate!) in alpaca and gray mittens for Kim (wool/acrylic blend)

A scarf for me, artful yarns shakespeare from the shop in Charleston

detail of scarf, broken rib pattern

Krystal's mittens

Kelly's gloves, to match her crocheted hat.

Cocoa rose socks, classic sock pattern, yarn from ebay.

The Yarn Harlot's scarf pattern, Paton's classic wool, leftover from Janet's shawl.

Blue and purple striped socks, regia yarn, Harlot's "sock recipe".

Lorelai's sweater with Pooh buttons.

Yarn - Sensations Bellezza collection Canditi (wool and nylon blend) colors purple and cream. Pattern from Creative Knitting magazine, November, 2006

My "traveling" socks from the book launch day Strawberry Fields sock shoot.

Purple scarf, Berroco "Peruvia"

Scarf with mittens to match.

Our bed quilt, my first attempt at a full size quilt.

I don't have a picture of the pair. When they were done, there were on her feet!

Lorelai's pink bib

Noro Silk Garden hat


Lorelai's hat and mittens.

Hat made with Cascade quatro (color number 9435)

Feather and fan scarf. Yarn - Alchemy migration. Color - Nighthawk

Feather and fan triangle shawl. Yarn is Lion Brand Imagine. First effort. Not bad.

Two hats for Kelly and Kim. Yarn Silk Garden.

Scarf, the harlot's pattern, made with Paton's sws wool and soy yarn

A vinyl bag for Bill to bring to work, locked to protect his milk from his coworkers!

A sunny door hanging for Kelly.

Scarf- Lang Tosca

July 4th door wreath

Yet another poncho

And yet another scarf

Dark picture of a baby quilt and cotton knitted bib

The colors of this baby sweater remind me of cotton candy. I've dubbed this the cotton candy sweater.

Baby gifts - sweater, bib and quilt.

First decent skein of yarn

Lorelai's second poncho, same yarn, same color, larger size.

My poncho, with the turtleneck.

Blue wool gloves, pattern from Ann Budd's book, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.

54 yards of handspun yarn in the colorway Roses and Lilacs.

Gloves, same pattern as blue gloves. Yarn - 50% merino wool and 50% yak.

First handspun project

Mittens - yarn is llama/wool blend from animals raised here on Long Island.

Lorelai's cream colored cotton/wool blend socks.

Blue wool socks for Lorelai, Knitpicks essential yarn

A hat for Lorelai, Patons classic wool

One fair isle glove.

And the palm of the glove.

Scarf for Debbie's birthday. Pattern: the harlot scarf, yarn: Prism

Debbie's scarf

plain socks, austermann step yarn, classic sock pattern

Still on the bobbin, Finn wool

I can't begin to tell you how soft this is.

Striped hat for St. Baldrick's charity

The first complete yarn from alpaca fleece (Joshua)

Another St. Baldrick's hat

Red Cross vintage sock pattern from the 1940's. Knit Picks Essential yarn.

Feather and Fan lace shawl

Garter stitch shawl, with my handspun yarn

Socks, koigu yarn

Hat, the Yarn Harlot's "Unoriginal Hat" pattern

Wool dyed with Wilton cake decorating food color.

My first handspun handknit sweater.

Baby hat for Janet's grandson.

Socks for Bill, Knit Picks risata cotton/wool blend.

Dorset wool/alpaca blend.

Alpaca yarn

Shetland yarn.

Gold garter ridge cardigan. Yarn is Vail, from Colorado yarns.

A sweater for Lorelai, knitted with my handspun superwash merino wool.

Kelly's wedding gown

Designed by Alisha Engle. Ivory silk satin, corset back. Embroidered skirt panel - flowers and pearls sewn on by Alisha.

Kelly's bridal gown and bridesmaid's dresses

Lorelai's flower girl dress

Turn a square hat

"blueberry" romney yarn

11th hour hat

Knitting machine made hat

Hats made on the knitting machine for needy kids.

Billy's hat

Lorelai's hat

Kelly's socks

Kim's socks

Bill's hat

Briar rose "reds"

Corriedale yarn

"Sunshine of your love" superwash merino

Candy cane baby hat

Amanda's hat

Socks knit from my first handspun sock yarn

Baby boy sweater for Sam

Gray cardigan

"Instant gratification" scarf, a quick knit with yarn I bought at Disney World.

Lined mittens - handspun colonial (shell), handspun corriedale (lining)

Lorelai's sweater jacket

Tammie's beret

Fair isle gloves, finally complete!

"Corduroy" sweater from the book A Fine Fleece. Yarn: Briar rose legend

"Bella's Mittens" for Kelly

Baby boy sweater for Liam

Baby girl sweater for Ella Kate

Galen's blanket

Betty's fiber (Moose Manor Handpaints), 2 ounces

Hat, scarf and mittens from the blueberry handspun

blueberry handspun scarf

Morning surf scarf knit with the "sunshine of your love" handspun

superwash merino handspun, "angelfish"

Betty's fiber


first sock knit with handspun sock yarn from raw romney and mohair

alpaca lace shawl, raw alpaca from first trip to Estes Park Wool Market

beautiful handspun from...

...this beautiful fiber

purple sparkle yarn

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