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The DIY Wedding

 November 1, 2008

Kelly's gown

design by Alisha


Martha Clara Vineyard

Tasting room, site of cocktail hour

Barn, site of ceremony and reception

Barn is the building on the left

Unadorned barn interior

View from barn doors, which will be open during the ceremony.  Ceremony will be at sunset.

Fir cone lace swatch:

Pattern for Kelly's lace wedding shawl

The muslin mockup of the gown.  The panel in front is the actual fabric for that part of the dress.

The pattern for the bridesmaid's dresses.  We are using the view on the left (green one).  Adjustments will be made.  The top will not have the fold, it will be more like Kelly's dress.  We'll add straps and shorten to tea length.

 ready for the edging Kelly's wedding shawl, ready for the edging. 

Lorelai's sweater.  I plan to add a cotton lace collar.

The completed, blocked shawl...

 After blocking

 Wedding shawl

For pictures of the wedding and wedding preparations, see the flickr pages, Wedding and Wedding preparations

For more details, see the journal.

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