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October, 2005

October 29, 2005

Busy Weekend

More tomorrow but I just wanted to add a couple of nice pictures.

  Dave and Kendra at their engagement party this afternoon.

Alicia, Kendra, Dave and Kim

Stories tomorrow...


October 21, 2005

About blogging

Here's an interesting quote from Wil Wheaton's blog:  "Whenever I am interviewed about my blog, or blogging in general, I always try to get the interviewer to grok that the real power in this medium is that anyone can communicate their opinions, fears, outrage, silliness, or whatever is important to them with a large, self-policing peer network. There is such overwhelming power in communication, if that power is treated responsibly.

is why blogging is important. That is why it's exciting, empowering, and cool. For better and for worse, the rules of communication have changed. So far, I don't see a whole lot of evidence that the mainstream media or current corporate masters of the universe understand that. I wonder when they'll get a clue(train)."

Yes, the rules of communication have changed, alright.  Wil gave examples in his blog (which I highly recommend, however.  Very entertaining, intelligent and fascinating) but we've seen our own examples.  The effect the internet, blogs, message boards and such have had on the world of theatre is astounding.  Anyone out there who was around during the run of the Scarlet Pimpernel on Broadway can attest to that.  And, if it is used responsibly, this ability to get our ideas out for all the world to see is quite an amazing thing.  Yeah, it can be scary as well but those are the risks, I guess. 

Makes you think, doesn't it?

More rain this weekend, for a change.  Wow.  The weather has been crazy.  This new storm in Florida looks like it's as bad or worse than the two recent hurricanes and there are, what, six weeks left to hurricane season?  How much more can the country handle?  Holy cow.

  Aw, poor Eeyore.

Goodnight, all


October 20, 2005

The reviews are in.  Urinetown's a hit

To Pee Or Not To Pee - That is the question


October 20, 2005

Unquestionably the greatest Broadway musical ever written about pay
toilets! OK, so it's the only such musical that comes to mind. But that's
what defines "Urinetown," now making its Long Island premiere, as a
uniquely urgent experience.

As its creators clarify in their wittily self-referential exposition, a
long drought has resulted in the outlawing of private toilets while an
avaricious entrepreneur has cornered the market on "amenity stations,"
where citizens are charged a fee to relieve themselves. Public
eliminations (Nos. 1 or 2) will get you exiled - gasp! - to Urinetown. And
before you can ask, "Where's the rest room?" you've bought the premise that
- sing it, Ms. Pennywise! - "It's a Privilege to Pee."

As directed by Ken Washington at Smithtown Center for the Performing
Arts, so powerful is the suggested urge that some in the audience felt
the need to excuse themselves. (None was charged a toilet tariff,
management assures us.)

Steve McCoy choreographs a gleefully nimble ensemble in comic
perambulations around Tim Golebiewski's post-industrial set, which delivers both
slimy latrines and slick corporate headquarters beneath Sarah Landau's

Michael Bertolini as beat cop Officer Lockstock doubles authoritatively
as the narrator who condescendingly educates Little Sally (a grown-up
Meg O'Brien) on the finer points of musical dramaturgy.

Meanwhile, Bobby Strong - a live-action Dudley Do-Right as drawn by
Chris Crosby - leads a scatological revolution against escalating potty
fees. (His slogan: "Yessiree! Pee for Free!") But first, he must defy his
boss, Penelope Pennywise, a flushing fascist with a taste for boot
heels, brandished by Mary Ellin Kurtz in her fiercest musical-comedy role
since "Sweeney Todd's" meatpie matron, Mrs. Lovett.

Her wickedness is surpassed only by that of Caldwell B. Cladwell, the
sartorially snide CEO of UGC (Urine Good Company) who, as played by
Patrick McCarthy, is a glutton for his own gall. (Spats and tails by
costumer Peter Mussared.) Cladwell's guileless offspring, Hope (Kristen
Belmonte-Long), falls captive to Bobby's cause, while cartoon sentiment
inspires their "Follow Your Heart" duet.

But the charms of "Urinetown" plumb far deeper than individual star
turns. Thanks to the creative abandon of composer Mark Hollmann and author
Greg Kotis, this 1999 Fringe Festival hit, turned mainstream knockout,
sparkles with brash originality and surprisingly beautiful choral
harmonies that belie the tale's Malthusian subtext - exemplified by
Cladwell's food-chain melody, "Don't Be the Bunny."

"Urinetown" is playfully underscored by winking nods to Broadway
showstoppers - from "Fiddler on the Roof" to "Les Mis," along with send-ups
of classic dance numbers ("West Side Story") and 11th-hour
inspirationals ("Guys and Dolls"), all to the accompaniment of Eric Baum's little
orchestra with the big sound.

It takes a universally dedicated and talented ensemble to make a joyful
noise of bladder oppression. At Smithtown, it's an experience not to be

URINETOWN. Musical by Mark Hollmann and Greg Kotis. At Smithtown Center
for the Performing Arts,

2 E. Main St., through

Nov. 13. Tickets, $18-$26, 631-724-3700. Seen Sunday.

Copyright (c) 2005, Newsday, Inc.


This article originally appeared at:

Visit Newsday online at http://www.newsday.com



October 15, 2005

Various and sundry items

Well, the rain seems to have stopped.  According to today's newspaper, we've had thirteen inches of rain in the month of October, probably in the past seven days, really.  It rained every day, at times absolutely pouring, since at least Monday.  We had five inches of rain just yesterday.  Considering the fact that one inch of rain equals six inches of snow, let's be thankful this didn't happen later...in colder weather.  The parking lot of the tech school (where I work in the afternoon) was flooded and roads were closed all over the island last night.  It was a real mess.  This afternoon, the sun came out and it became very windy.  I think the forecast is for a windy day tomorrow as well.  Wow.

I braved the downpour last night to attend the "invited dress rehearsal" of Urinetown, the musical at Smithtown PAC.  It's a terrific production and I predict that Meg O'Brien (pictured in center) as Little Sally will steal the show.  The entire cast is first rate.  I'm not at all biased just because Kelly's the stage manager.  No, not at all. 

  We went to the movies today to see Elizabethtown after lunch at the Chinese restaurant in Babylon village.  We really enjoyed the movie (and lunch).  It's a sweet story, very touching.  Yes, definitely a "chick movie", my favorite genre, I suppose.  We went to a small, local theater with several young ladies in attendance.  As we were leaving, we heard many comments about how "hot" Orlando Bloom is and about certain scenes when he was particularly attractive.  I had to smile.

I'm hungry so I think I'll go finish my chow mein.  toodle-oo.


October 13, 2005

Smithtown PAC website is now live

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts has their new website online.  Also, tickets can be purchased through Theatremania.  Also, the L.I. premiere of Urinetown opens this Saturday.  Very cool.



October 10, 2005

  This weekend we had such a nice visit from my cousin, Richard, and his wife, Sharon.  Richard has retired from teaching and they are on the tail end of a fall foliage visit to the northeast with some side trips to visit friends and relatives.  We had a great time yesterday and today doing what we cousins do best, chatting and eating!  Rich and I are talking about planning a family reunion and I'm very enthusiastic since we had such a wonderful time at the family reunion of my Dad's family this past summer.  The timing of this visit was perfect for me since I had the day off.  Back to work tomorrow but Thursday is another day off.

ta-ta for now!


October 6, 2005


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes expecting a little bundle of joy?  Now that's news.  Hmm.  So, I guess that means Tom's in working order, huh?  Who knew?

Tomorrow's Friday but it feels like the second Friday of the week since we had Tuesday and Wednesday off.  It was weird going to work today.  We kept thinking we should ask each other, "How was your weekend?"  Next week, we have Monday off, which is normal.  We can deal with that.  We also have Thursday off. 

My cousin, Richard, and his wife, Sharon, are coming to visit on Sunday.  They're doing a New England foliage trip.  It will be nice to see them.  I haven't seen Richard since my Dad passed away in summer of '99 and I haven't seen Sharon since early '90's, I guess. 

Looks like rain for a few days.  Ick.

Rather large picture!


October 4, 2005


I had a day off from work today (and will be off tomorrow as well) for Rosh Hashanah.  I also have Monday (Columbus Day) and Thursday (Yom Kippur) off.  Yesterday was fun because it was a Monday that felt like a Friday.  One teacher kept calling it Monday/Friday.  Gotta love working in schools. 

The Fall Harvest Festival is at Mill Neck this weekend.  We haven't gone for a few years but we used to take the kids every year, starting from when I was in college.  Maybe if we're not too busy, we can take a ride there.  It is fun and I always run into someone I know from the deaf community.  It's a fairly small community here on Long Island.

  Elizabethtown opens next week, October 14.  I like Cameron Crowe movies and yes, it has been established that I enjoy looking at the young Mr. Bloom, so this is a must see for me.  I don't usually go to the movies on Friday nights so I'll probably see it over the weekend or the following week.  I have high hopes for this one.  It looks like my kind of movie.  I guess I like "chick flicks".

ta-ta, over and out


October 1, 2005

These new months creep up faster than they used to!

  I look at the archives page and I can't believe how long I've been maintaining this site.  It's funny that Kelly encouraged me to do this because she had so much fun with her website and now she hasn't updated it in years.  She still has her domain name since her page still shows up but she hasn't done any work on it.  Here I am, still keeping my little home on the web updated.

Google now has a blog search system.  They don't have it linked on the home page yet but you can find it if you do a search for "blog search".  My page won't show up there because I'm not a member of any of the established blog sites, like LiveJournal or Blogger.  I didn't really know about them until after I'd set up this journal and now, I kinda like it the way it is.  It's my design, my own thing.  I do have a myspace page but Kelly and I just got into that because the kids at the theatre are into it.  It's fun but this is my real "home", so to speak.  If any of you out there have blogs I might not know about, let me know, ok?  I like to read them and have a few that I check on a weekly basis.  Oh, a note about the links page.  I know I've mentioned Megan Morrone's blog and how much I enjoy reading it.  She's been very busy with little Annabella and the baby twins, Milo and Huck, so she doesn't write much at all, although she still posts pictures.  However, I couldn't see the pictures until I tried a different web browser.  I also have mozilla firefox and when Megan's site is viewed on that browser, the pictures are there.  I must be missing something on IE that would allow me to see the pictures.  Doesn't matter and we must remember that Megan is a geek of the highest order. 

Wow.  I must have broken the record for most links in an entry.  Hmm, let's hope they all work.

ta-ta and happy October.


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