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November, 2004 Archives

November 28, 2004

So, where's the ark?

Wow, did it rain today!  It was really pouring and was also windy as well.  It was the kind of day you wish you could curl up on the couch and read or watch TV.  Kelly and I were at Wizard of Oz.  It went well today, though.

I'm watching Home Alone, one of my favorite Christmas movies.  Yesterday, Bill and I went to see Christmas With The Kranks.  I read the book it's based on, Skipping Christmas by John Grisham, last year and really enjoyed it so I was waiting to see this movie.  It's so good, really funny. 

I'm going to relax now and soon......sleep! ttfn.


November 24, 2004

I'll be cooking tomorrow so...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just dropping in to wish everyone a happy turkey day.  If I owe you an email, I'll get there, I promise, possibly Friday.  I had to teach class tonight (because this is my life!), although only two students came to class.  I actually have time to myself on Friday when I'll be able to do this... but will be working two shows Saturday and Sunday.  I only have two more weeks of class and then I have my evenings to myself. 

Lots of rain out there today but tomorrow's supposed to be clearer.  The midwest was expecting snow.  Yikes, not yet!

Don't eat too much tomorrow!


November 21, 2004

Here's my horoscope for today:

"Your efforts now are directed at keeping up with your daily routine, which can be quite overwhelming. It's not just that you have a lot to do. It's that you are doing things that you've never quite done in this way. Even so, you'll be able to keep it all balanced as long as you think it through first."

Truer words were never spoken.  I'm not feeling so overwhelmed today because I have three days off this week.  I will, however, need a nap before going to class tonight.  Only three more weeks of that and one less thing to think about.

Have a lovely day


November 20, 2004

Live theatre with fourteen kids and a dog or we're off to see the Wizard...

Chapter IV - A New Hope... oops, wrong story.

This was my first experience backstage with The Wizard of Oz (affectionately known as WOZ).  I will say that this is a physically demanding show.  It doesn't seem like there are a huge amount of changes.  In fact, it doesn't seem like it should be hard so why did I feel like I was run over by a mack truck at the end of the show?  Well, ok, three people making sure fourteen kids are ready is enough to drain anyone's batteries but I was really tired.  No, I am really tired.  Putting the tree costumes on the three older girls requires physical strength.  There's a 2x4 running down the backs of these things.  The kids are great, though.  They're so cute.  I can't wait to be able to actually see the show.

This was Milo's first show as Toto.  The trainer was there before the show to review his tricks.  He won't be there every time but the practice will have to be done before each show, similar to "fight call", except this is "dog call".  At the top of the show, at Dorothy's entrance, she calls "Toto" and he runs out to her.  Milo refused to leave Kelly.  According to the trainer, Milo has imprinted on Kelly.  In other words, he thinks she's Mommy, at least at the theatre.  So, now someone Milo is unfamiliar with will have to release him.  He still wouldn't go to Dorothy, though, and she had to come and get him.  However, this situation does work well near the end when Toto has to go through the curtain and find the Wizard.  He knows Kelly's there so he will run to her.  Hopefully, he'll do the tricks tomorrow.

Pooh looks warm and cozy.  I'm heading off to bed, looking very much like my friend, Pooh, here.  G'night.


November 19, 2004

Four score and seven years ago...

On this day in 1863, President Lincoln delivered the speech which would become his most famous, The Gettysburg Address, at the dedication of the military cemetery at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  After a two hour speech by orator, Edward Everett, the crowd at the dedication heard Lincoln speak the 272 words which are still remembered today.  Ironically, newspapers of the day barely mentioned Lincoln's speech.  The history channel site and Those Were The Days offer more information for your historical reading pleasure.

Kelly mentioned last night that she heard from her friend, Frank, who was in the cast of Tapestry.  Apparently, Frank opens tonight in the off-Broadway show, Naked Boys Singing.  Yes, it is exactly what the title suggests, naked boys singing.  Kelly said she was always afraid someone she knew would be in this show eventually and she'd have to see it.  Well, there you go!  We got through Take Me Out (even though I apparently was the last person in NY to discover that there was extensive full-frontal nudity in the play) but we didn't know any of those guys personally!  Totally different situation.  It took awhile for me to actually concentrate on the dialogue in Take Me Out once I saw the first "shower" scene in the locker room but by the next scene, I was hearing dialogue.  Go figure.  Ah, how my life has been changed (and enriched) by live theatre!

Tonight is the opening night of Wizard of Oz.  It's been a tough one to get off the ground.  My first night working is tomorrow night.  It will be a bit tense until we really get into a routine but I think it will be ok.  The kids are great, so talented and cute.  When it comes together (hopefully, tonight!), it will be something to see.

Off to have dinner....


November 13, 2004

Moving Right Along...

This will be a busy week.  According to Kelly, things are tense on the set of Wizard of Oz.  Set problems (again) are making things difficult.  I'll be at the tech rehearsal Tuesday evening.  Apparently, it can't go any later than midnight because of the kids.  Still, with my class on Monday and Wednesday evenings, the first half of the week will be a blur.  By Thursday, I'll be pretty well wiped out.  The show opens on Friday and I hope all goes well.  It doesn't seem like the changes will be too bad.  Most of my time will be spent keeping the kids busy in between their scenes. 

I'm still working on Christmas and Thanksgiving.  We picked out new bathroom floor tiles at Home Depot and someone came to measure on Tuesday but we haven't heard anything about the estimate or when they'll begin work yet.  It would be nice if it was done for Thanksgiving but if it isn't, I'm not going to worry about it.  Shopping is nearing completion and cards are ready to mail (except for the stamps, which I hope to get sometime this week) and I'll mail them the day after Thanksgiving along with the gifts that are going out of state.  I'm trying to do a lot of cleaning now since I'll only have time for the basics once the show opens.

As I said, things are moving right along.  I'll try to keep in touch!



November 8, 2004

Happy Birthday!

    ...to me and Bill!


November 7, 2004

Better late than never and birthday celebration

  My Halloween jack-o-lanterns.  I was able to get only small pumpkins but they were nice and round so they looked cute.

  We had a birthday dinner this afternoon at Faraday's, a restaurant in Smithtown across the street from the theatre.  Bill and I took in the closing performance of The Guys and then managed to pin down our busy family to celebrate our birthdays, which is tomorrow. 

Bill is traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday with two of his golfing buddies to take in a couple of days of golf in the sun.  The weather should be really nice so they should have a great time.

Back to work tomorrow so I have to finish the laundry!


November 6, 2004

How many shopping days until Christmas?

I'm almost finished with my Christmas shopping, a new world's record for me.  I don't want to be worrying about that when I'm really busy.  I spent the day at the mall, getting the things I'll buy there, and will complete the shopping online.  The shopping mood is improved by the overwhelming presence of Christmas at the mall.  Yes, I know this isn't the first year that Santa was there immediately after Halloween but it still surprises me.  I remember taking the kids to Sunrise Mall the day after Thanksgiving so they could enjoy the spectacle of Santa Claus arriving on the fire truck.  It was a big deal and one of the traditions of the season.  Now, kids are still eating their Halloween candy when they sit on Santa's lap. 

Of course, when I shop at the mall, I buy a few things for myself as well.  That's the thing about the online shopping.  I don't seem to do that when I shop online.  It's a temptation when I'm in the mall, though.

Enjoy the weekend, or what's left of it!


November 3, 2004


For the second time in my "voting career", my candidate for president didn't win.  Coincidentally, the last time this happened to me was four years ago.  Sigh. 

The English teacher I work with at school got engaged over the weekend.  Very cute.  They went to a Halloween party and her boyfriend was dressed as a woman.  He got down on one knee and proposed, then told her he didn't think he could get back up in heels!  She acknowledged it's pretty funny to get a proposal from a guy in drag.  I said she'll have a great story to tell their children one day. I thought it was a really cute story.

Ugh, I'm so tired.  It was a busy day.  It's a little after 10pm and I've about had it.  I'm ready to sleep.

Yep, Pooh has the right idea!  G'nite everybody and ta-ta....


November 2, 2004

Election Day and a Halleluiah

Election day 2004 and I hope everyone did their civic duty and let their voices be heard.  End of public service announcement.  We now return you to the halleluiah.

A new John Jakes novel....I got it today....I'm really happy.....film at 11.  Yes, we have established that John Jakes is my favorite author.  Well, while walking through the food store today, of all places, I spotted the new novel, Savannah or A Gift for Mr. Lincoln.  Yes, folks.  Not only is it a new John Jakes novel, (drum roll please) but it takes place during the Civil War.  What more can I ask for?  It doesn't take much to make me a happy camper. 

I'm off to continue studying the script for The Guys so I can interpret on Thursday evening.  Never a dull moment around here!

waiting for election returns....  



November 1, 2004

Two Very Busy Months!

I may be awol for the months of November and December.  Due to circumstances beyond my control (i.e. my inability to say no!) I will again be teaching the ASL class at BOCES Dix Hills for the next six weeks, and possibly twelve weeks if there enough students for the intermediate class.  The beginning class should have started the first week of October but was postponed.  Now, there was the chance for me to say it wasn't a convenient time for me but I didn't.  It's not as difficult as it was when I was working all afternoon and had to go directly to the class without even time to go home.  It's just that I will also be working as a dresser at Smithtown for The Wizard of Oz from mid-November to early January.  I don't have the schedule for that yet but I assume I'll be working on the weekends.  Add the two holidays to this equation and you have a very busy two months!  It will probably fly by.  That's my optimistic side talking.  I'm trying to do as much as I can for the holidays now, before the play begins.  Time will tell how it will all work out.  It's only two months.  I keep telling myself that!

As for the full-time job, it's going well.  It's a good schedule and I'm into the routine.  I like the teachers and that's always a plus.

I took pictures of the jack-o-lanterns from Halloween yesterday but haven't uploaded them yet.  I'll do that later if I have he time.  They looked really nice.

Happy fall!



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