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May 2009

May 27, 2009

See the resemblance?


Remarkable, isn't it?  The photo on the left is my grandmother as a teenager in 1912.  The photo on the right, obviously, is Kelly.


May 9, 2009

"It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May."  The last time I posted, it was snowing.  Sheesh.

In no particular order, I present my life at the moment.

 Lorelai's first haircut Lorelai's first haircut. 

 border leicester/rambouillet Beautiful fiber I bought at the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival on April 25.  It was a sunny spring day (something we've seen little of in the weeks since).  I bought this fleece, a border leicester/rambouillet cross and

 border leicester w/sample skein this border leicester, which was washed!  Oh, happy day.  Both are soft and a pleasure to spin.

The festival was small and we were there about an hour so from there, we went to New London, CT to see the Submarine Force Museum.

 PictureMail After touring the museum and taking a look at the Nautilus, the first atomic sub, we went to a local rib restaurant for lunch.  It was SO good!

 PictureMail After a great lunch, we headed home.

 ply by night Here's my first handspun sock yarn, 14-16 wpi.  I've finished knitting one sock but I haven't taken a picture yet.

 springday 036 Mike's planting a vegetable garden in our backyard.  It looks great.  I'm glad someone knows what to do with this huge backyard we have.  Once the pool's open, we'll be out there.  Lorelai looked at the pool a couple of weeks ago and said, "Let's take our clothes off".  Interesting choice of words!

 springday 021 Lorelai learning to play hopscotch.

 springday 018 Enjoying her ice cream.  You can see the scrape on her right cheek from her first spill on the concrete this year. 

 springday 017 At the ice cream store.

 Dessert time! Easter with the family.

 Lorelai's loot It's good being the only grandchild.

 She loves these sets The little bunny.

 Sweater for Liz Mc's grandson Some completed knitting, a sweater for my cousin's new grandson.

That pretty much brings me up to date.  I really have to concentrate on some spinning.  I have so much fiber.  I'm still in the process of washing the border leicester/rambouillet.  There's five pounds of that total.  The washed border leicester is a little over 2 pounds.  As for the washed fiber I have, there's seven pounds of white corriedale, nine pounds of gray romney, four pounds of brown romney, almost four pounds of a mystery fiber (the seller couldn't remember the breed) that I think is corriedale, three pounds of brown alpaca, 24 ounces of gray alpaca, plus some fiber I got free from spin guild.  One is a brown wool, don't know the breed, and almost ten pounds of a corriedale cross.  I don't know what breed it was crossed with.  I still have to wash the free fleeces but I figure I'll do that on sunny days and dry it outside.  If I've paid for the fleece, I dry it on sweater dryers inside the house.  Squirrels and birds tend to steal fleece for their nests.  I don't care sharing the free stuff with them so that can dry outside. 

As for knitting, I have so many projects going.  I'm doing a bit of baby knitting and I'm trying to finish a sweater for myself so I can think about starting sweaters with the handspun.

On ravelry, I heard about a yarn sale in the neighborhood.  Two women, who lost their Mom in December, are trying to sell all of her leftover yarn.  I went this morning and couldn't believe how much yarn they have!  I picked up a bag for a friend and some washable yarn for me to make sweaters for Lorelai. 

So, keeping busy, as usual....



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