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January, 2008

January 26, 2008

Scenes from Lorelai's second birthday party

Although tomorrow's actually her birthday, her party was held today.

Just like her Uncle Billy, Lorelai doesn't really like cake but loves cookies.  So, as I did for Uncle Billy when he was little, I made a giant chocolate chip cookie for Lorelai's birthday.

Little princess


January 22, 2008

Rest in peace, little Bootsie



January 21, 2008

Making progress

I'm just starting the left front,  After that, I have to do one more sleeve and it's done.  Maybe then, I can stop thinking that this project is sucking the life out of me.  Although it appears to look like it's orange in some pictures, this one seems to be fairly accurate color-wise, it is a very nice gold.  I have a pair of pants just perfect for this sweater.  I just have to lose weight first.  But when I do, and this sweater is done, it's the perfect outfit.

I'm nothing if not optimistic.



January 14, 2008

The snowfall that wasn't

I always wonder about weather forecasters.  In what other job can you be spectacularly wrong and still keep your job?  The eight inch snowfall today turned out to be rain.  Ah, well.  Another day for a snow day, hmmm?


January 13, 2008

It's January, la de dah!  Although we had temperatures in the 60s last week, starting tonight, the scene may very well resemble the one above.  In fact, significant snowfall is predicted, possibly enough for, dare I say it, a snow day?  We shall see.

I feel like a serious dork for doing this but...

Happy birthday!

Ok, that's over. 

So, obviously not much earthshattering is going on around here since it's January 13 and I still haven't posted anything for the month.  It's just the usual stuff, work, home, whatever.  I've been knitting, spinning, playing around with new ideas and new things.  I don't think I have any new pictures, though.  Not yet.  I did have a couple of days this past week to organize around here, which was nice. 

That is all, move along, nothing to see.  LOL!  ;-)



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