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Hershey, Pennsylvania

August 24 and 25, 2005

Bill and I took a brief, end-of-summer trip to Hershey and did a relaxing nature tour of ZooAmerica and the Hershey Gardens.  The weather was beautiful, with bright sunshine and temperatures in the low 80's.  I took some beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna.

The view from window at the hotel. Notice the Hershey "kiss" lamppost.

Starting the walk through Zooamerica, turtles in the grassy waters area.

An owl from grassy waters area.

A crocodile. This guy was watching us through the glass. A little unnerving.

One of two alligators in the exhibit

Look closely to see the parrots inside the pen. They were making a racket.

It's a little difficult to see the hawk, since it was looking away from me. I waited a while for it to turn around but it didn't.

You have to look closely but this is another owl.

The black bear exhibit. I took these pictures through glass so they're not as clear as they could be.

The two bears in the exhibit.

I don't know what's with the fur. A bad dye job?

The prairie dogs were really cute.

This is a cute picture.

I couldn't see the deer right away. I really had to look closely to find this guy.

An eagle.

We continue our nature walk day with a trip to Hershey Gardens. It was such a beautiful, comfortable day, in the low 80's, so this was really pleasant.

And here I am at the entrance to the gardens.

The rose garden.

You can see the factory and the park from the gardens, which on a hill are next to the Hershey Hotel.

The Children's Garden.

The butterfly house. You must be very careful not to step on them. They're everywhere.

This is hard to see, I know but the next one is better.

Better, right?

I have no idea what kind of butterflies they are. We had cards to identify them but I can't remember the names.

I've never seen so many butterflies. There were also caterpillars and cocoons. One butterfly was emerging as we watched.

The colors were so beautiful in the sunshine.

When you leave, you have to check yourself in a mirror for "hitchhiking butterflies" to make sure they all stay inside.

This is a human sundial. You stand in the middle of the cement part in the front on the line next to the month and raise your right hand. The shade will tell you the time and it was accurate.

These garden dividers look like twizzlers. There were lots of these little touches all over.

Mrs. Hershey's rose garden. It was transplanted from their home (which is now the country club) and planted in the gardens exactly as it was at their home.

Another shot of Mrs. Hershey's rose garden.

The memorial garden.

For the soldiers.

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