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February, 2009

February 3, 2009

Brrr is right!  And the white stuff is coming down today.  We've had more snow than the last few years but only a few inches at a time.  Today and tonight, it's supposed to be a bit more, maybe as much as six inches, but since we had a warmer day yesterday, it doesn't seem to be sticking to the street yet so I guess it's not too bad.  It is pretty to look at.

Of course, the groundhog predicts more winter.  What else is new?  The Staten Island groundhog (name??) actually bit the mayor on the index finger yesterday.  Serves him right.  The groundhog undoubtedly wanted to sleep. 

Fiber Bureau of Investigation

We had an adventure this week at our Sunday Panera knit group.  A week ago, as we were getting ready to leave, Amy noticed that Kelly dropped some of her fiber when she was spinning.  Amy took it home with her and the fun began.  First, there was a post on our Ravelry board.  This picture was included.

We thought the addition of "thanks" was quite polite of the fibernappers.  The game continued throughout the week with more pictures.

The fiber and the "guards".

fiber rescue by amynowacoski. The attempted rescue.

Fiber WMDs by amynowacoski. Weapons of mass fiber destruction.  Oh no!

fiber proof of life by amynowacoski. The fibernappers sent this as "proof of life".  Poor fiber!  In a prison of plastic canvas.  How cruel!

the fiber napper by amynowacoski. The fibernapper is quite possessive.

So, this continued until this past Sunday when we again met at Panera.  The fibernappers had demanded cookies in payment.  Kelly did indeed bring cookies but, apparently, we had to wait until 2 pm for the handoff.  At precisely 2 pm, one of the gentlemen who sit in the front of the restaurant every Sunday came over.  "Excuse me, ladies, but I've been directed to deliver this to Kelly."  It was an envelope containing a note.  "The cookies are acceptable.  The fiber is under the corner table".  Yes, the plastic canvas box was taped to the underside of one of the tables.  I tell you.  That Amy has way too much time on her hands.

PictureMail by you.

PictureMail by you. The kidnapped fiber reuniting with the rest of the fiber.

PictureMail by you.

The best part was that ten minutes later, the manager came over and asked, "What did I miss?" 

In other news, I've finished spinning two pounds of Shetland wool for a sweater.  I have 1,654 yards!  I actually spun more than that since I used about 130 yards for Bill's hat and various swatches.  Plenty of yarn for a sweater.  Now, to plan it.


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