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June, 2007

June 30, 2007

Appliance Demise

In the last six months, we have replaced


and just today

Do appliances kick the bucket in threes?  Let's hope so.


June 27, 2007

Ok, now I KNOW I'm losing my mind.  I just corrected the post below this one since I had typed JULY instead of JUNE.  Geez.  Why I would want to rush through summer, my favorite season, is beyond me. 

Other than waiting for the chair to arrive for the new room, I've just been puttering around here.  I still have some assorted chores to accomplish outside but I'm pacing myself.  I worked so hard the last couple of months.  It doesn't need to be done immediately.  I finished that bag for Bill to bring to work.

It's made of black vinyl, just a cylinder shaped bag with four holes around the top strengthened with grommets.  The regular lock fits through the four grommets and protects the screw top Starbucks container inside.  He's really pleased with it and when I asked if he'd gotten any feedback about it, he said yes and that it was all positive.  People he's showed it to love it.  We tried to make it work with a bicycle lock but you couldn't get it tight enough.  This turned out to be the "duh" solution.  It was easy and we wondered why we didn't think of this in the first place.  Sometimes, I make things more complicated than they have to be.  I still can't believe people steal food out of the refrigerator.  One of Bill's coworkers told him that she brought her lunch in a bag, a sandwich and an apple, and when she entered the room, she found the bag and apple on the table.  Someone had taken the sandwich.  Kelly thinks I should sell these things on the internet.  Hmm.  Either that or the pattern.  It's pretty easy to make.

I finished yet another scarf.  This one's made with Paton's SWS yarn (wool and soy).  It's really nice yarn to work with and these scarves are quick and easy to make. 

I had fun making this door decoration.  This summery, sunny daisy thing is for Kelly.  It's hanging on her door, giving the place a little color for the season.  Daisies are Kelly's favorite flower.

Yesterday, one of the first truly hot days we've had, Kelly and I took Lorelai to the beach.  She was wary at first and not so sure about touching the sand but by the time we left, she was having a great time digging and playing and getting sand all over herself and both of us.  She had trouble balancing when she tried to walk in the sand but did fine if we held her hand.  Kelly brought her to the water and dipped her into the waves as they came up to shore.  She loved that!  I brought her a bucket of water to play with in the sand.  She dumped it into the sand in front of her and said and signed, "More".  We showed her how to use her sand toys, the molds and dump truck.  Judging by her reaction, I'd say we'll be making more trips to the beach this summer.  We took tons of pictures with Kelly's camera.  I hope she'll send me some of them so I can post them here.

I'm waiting for another power adapter for my computer to arrive in the mail.  The one I have isn't making a good connection and it's such a pain wiggling it around until it will charge the computer.  Sigh.  I hope I get it before this one just gives up entirely.  It's annoying.

  Pooh says enjoy the lovely summer day!


June 20, 2007

Hey, I finally did something in the garden!

Although I threaten every year, I finally got myself out there and did some gardening this year.

You can't see them very much here.  I took these pictures the day I planted the flowers.  I should take pictures again because they're all blooming and looking pretty. 

We had to have the tree in the front yard taken down.  If we didn't the tree would have taken down the power lines.  So, we have this mound of soil in the middle of the front lawn.  I was looking at it one day and thought it would make a nice little garden.  Now it looks like I planned it that way.  Pretty!

The little plant at the bottom was Kelly's but the other two are a geranium and a daisy.  They're blooming quite nicely now.

I finished another scarf the other day.  I have a whole pile of finished things I need to block.  Today, I need to make an interesting project.  Bill works nights in a hospital lab.  He brings milk for his coffee and leaves it in a bag in the refrigerator.  His coworkers, during the day and evening, take and use his milk and when he gets in, there's nothing left.  So, I'm going to sew a vinyl bag that he can close with a bicycle lock.  We'll see how this works out.  I guess they could just cut the bag open but will people take the time to do that?  I'm hoping they won't.  The funny thing is, I did a google search to see if anything of this nature is for sale.  I didn't find anything but did find a message board where people were searching for the same thing because their coworkers steal their lunches.  Amazing.


Dodging raindrops today...



June 13, 2007

Why I've been so busy

The finished shawl.  It took two weeks to the day and I didn't work on anything else during that time.  That's unusual.  I really wanted to see this complete.  The feather and fan border should be bigger but I was running out of yarn.  It's big enough and this was an experiment to see if I could handle the pattern.  It's not perfect but I'm happy with it.  It's a decent first attempt.

The feather and fan scarf.  This one was really fun and quick.  I finished it after the shawl since I was so used to the pattern. 

I love this yarn.

My studio.  It's a work in progress.  I finished painting the trim today so tomorrow, I can move my craft books in and put them in the bookcase. 

The craft/sewing table (folded on the right) is amazing.  If I'd designed something myself, I couldn't have come up with a more perfect table.  I'll take pictures when it's open and in use eventually.  I'm also waiting for a chair (similar to this) to be delivered early next month.  It opens to a bed so the room can be a guest room as well.

And, of course, Lorelai keeps us all busy.

Watching Aunt Kim drive away.

The room is looking great.  It's been so much work, though.  After painting today, I took two advil and a hot bath!




June 2, 2007

June is busting out all over

It's looking more like rain out there but my roses are blooming and the summery weather is definitely here. 

Bill and I saw Pirates 3 on Thursday afternoon.  It's good but long, very long, as in 2 hours and 45 minutes long.  I really enjoyed it but it's darker than the other two, which had more of a light-hearted feel.  In this one, Will and Elizabeth's characters have changed.  Elizabeth kicks serious butt in this movie!  And Will's character, well, the ending is a little bittersweet.  I don't know if there will be another sequel.  They left it open for another story if necessary but the original story is wrapped up.  Oh, and if you see it in the theatre, make sure you stay until after the ending credits.  There's an epilogue scene.

 I started this shawl last Saturday.  I've never made anything like this before.  I read the directions and did not understand.  This is a triangular shaped shawl and I assumed you start at the point and work up, especially since you cast on 7 stitches when you begin.  Once I just followed the directions and gave it a try, the light bulb went off.  It starts at the center back neck and as you knit, you increase 2 stitches at the center and at the ends every other row.  It gradually grows.  Ah, I get it!

I've been working on it nonstop because I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's complete.  Because it's bunched up on the needles, I can't see how it will look.  I'm almost finished with the body of the shawl (garter stitch with occasional eyelet rows) and then I can begin the lace border.  It's the feather and fan pattern I'm using on the scarf.  I have to read the pattern from a chart, another thing I've never done, but I figure that since I'm familiar with the lace pattern, it will make it easier for me to understand the chart.  Theoretically.  There is, of course, no guarantee of that.  We'll see. 

Lorelai was trying to feed herself last night at dinner.  That was interesting.  According the Kelly, the doctor asked if she's trying to feed herself and Kelly said yes.  Doctor said, "What happens?"  Kelly said, "I take the spoon away, she makes a mess".  The doctor encouraged her to let Lorelai do her own thing.  Kelly's attitude?  The doctor doesn't have to clean up after her!  Anyway, Kelly let her spoon up her yogurt herself.  Yeah, she made a mess but she was having so much fun doing it, especially scooping up a spoonful and turning the spoon over as it traveled to her mouth.  Priceless.  When they pull up to the house now, Lorelai says, "Nana!"  Last night, Kelly said she said it when they stopped at the stop sign before our house.  Aww. 

Ah, gardening.  That's what I should be doing today if the weather holds out.  Will I?  Only time will tell.



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