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Family Album

McIlree and Brown family pictures

My Mom with me (left), Mike (top) and Jim (bottom right)

My grandmother, Elizabeth Keating, in 1912 at the age of 16

My grandfather, John McIlree, during the first world war

My mother, Mary Veronica McIlree, 1924

My maternal grandparents.

This is my mother at a family member's farm on Long Island.

This is my great-grandmother, my grandmother's mother, at the 1939 Worlds Fair in Flushing, New York

Here is my mother, her brother, John, and their mother.

My mother's high school graduation picture.

My Dad, Buddy Brown, in uniform

My Dad with his mother, Alexandra O'Connell

Dad and his best friend, Lou Hofmann

My parents' wedding picture, February 7, 1948

My Mom and Dad, Mae and Bud Brown

My paternal grandmother, Alexandra O'Connell

My paternal grandfather, my father's stepfather, John (Jack) O'Connell

My brother, Michael, and me

This is an early picture of me.

In the carriage

In the highchair

With my Dad

I think this was Easter

With my Mom

At the age of 2 or 3

Already knew how to pose!

Proof that I was destined to marry a sailor

With my brother, Mike, on Easter Sunday. I was 3 and I actually remember that little purse.

That's me on the left with my friend, Kathy

Kathy on the left, me on the right

I was 4 in this picture (with my brother, Jim, in the background)

I carried this picture of Kathy and me in my wallet for years

I was 5 here

This is the goofiest picture! That's Mike, Jim and me with the doll over my face.

My cousin, Roseanne, and me

My friend, Cecelia, me and my brother, Jim. This was shortly before we moved to Long Island in 1960.

First Holy Communion Day, with my grandmother. I couldn't smile because I was missing my two front teeth!

My First Holy Communion portrait

Christmas Eve

Confirmation Day

Graduation from Sacred Heart School. I was 13.

High School graduation, June 1971

About 1973

Our Wedding

August 23, 1975

Our wedding portrait

The bride and groom

A kiss!

Me with my Dad

The handsome groom!

I always thought this was a pretty picture

My husband, Bill, in our first apartment (I like yellow kitchens!).

Me, shortly after we were married.



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