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Christmas 2000

The Holidays in the Honig House


Ok, the funny thing about Christmas in the Honig house (well, one of the funny things) is that I take generally the same pictures every year. It's just become a habit. Every year for the last few years, Kelly and I (or Kelly herself) has done the outdoor light decorating. We've done the same thing for about twenty years. It looks pretty much the same every year. Yet, every blessed year, I take a picture of the house (or several) when the lights are on. So, we look at year after year of pictures, "Is this '95? No, I think this was '93." It's a tradition, for heaven's sake!


Now, for the tree. Every year, we buy the tree from the local firehouse. They are really beautiful trees and it's a good way to support the community (and the guys who would save your house if necessary!). This year, Kelly and I wound up making the trip together. We took her Toyota and a blanket to cover the roof so we could haul the thing home. We surveyed the selection of trees and I kept saying they were all too big. We have a small living room and needed the smallest, or narrowest (if that's a word) tree we could find. The firemen thought it was pretty funny and said, "Are you looking for the Charlie Brown tree or the Christmas branch from Emmett Otter?" Yeah, that's it! We settled on the smallest we could find, even though it was still too big. Well, it turned out that we didn't have to carry it ourselves. Two of the volunteer firemen followed us home with the tree in their pickup truck, brought it into the house and put it into the stand! This was great! We decided it was necessary to tell Dad that we had done this whole job ourselves. How impressive would that be? Well, after I had trimmed about half a tree away from this thing, here is what it looked like, still big!


Decorating completed, here is the finished tree.

Year 2000 Christmas tree

The light from the window looks pretty


It was a lovely holiday with family, good food, pretty gifts and lots of fun!

Billy, Kim, Jim, Bill, Steven, Shari and Kelly at the table

Happy Holidays!



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