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The Honig Family

Established 1975

Here is Kelly with her Dad

Kelly in our first apartment

Kelly, picture by Uncle Jim

Another shot of Kelly

Kimberly on her christening day

Kim, also on her christening day


The girls

Kelly with Christmas tree in the background

Kim, around her first birthday

Kim at Christmas time

Kim at Christmas, also taken by Uncle Jim

Billy's baby picture

Billy, in his words, "even then I was a stud"

Billy at the playground

Billy at Nana and Grandpa's house, Christmas morning

The Honig kids visit Santa

My Mom and Dad with me and the three kids at a family picnic

I've always loved this picture of Kelly and my Aunt Marge

Kelly and my parents' dog, Skippy, waiting for Grandpa to come home

Kim at her second birthday party

Kelly at the same birthday party, for Kim's second birthday and Kelly's fourth birthday

Kelly at 6, Kim at 4 and Billy at 18 months

Kelly's First Holy Communion

Kim's First Holy Communion

Kelly at 11, Kim at 9 and Billy at 6 1/2 - January, 1989

This started with my brother's last minute gift idea. "Hey, I know! I'll just get them all shirts with their names on them!" I wouldn't rest until we put them on and took this picture.

Me and my Dad

Kelly, Kim and Billy on a trip to Hershey Park

This is a pretty picture of Kelly from a family wedding

Kelly's prom picture

Kelly's high school graduation picture

Kelly's graduation day

Kim, as Sarah Brown, in her high school production of Guys and Dolls. I love this picture

Kim's prom picture

Kim's high school graduation picture

Kim's graduation day

When it's your birthday, you blow out candles. When you graduate high school, your brother and sister cover you with silly string!

Billy's championship roller hockey team

Billy's high school hockey picture

Billy's graduation picture, very GQ

Billy's graduation day - "Ok, Mom, just take the picture and let's go!"

Recent picture of Kelly, Kim and Billy

Billy had an opportunity to skate with an ex-Islander player, Darius Kasparaitus. There's Darius on the left and Billy on the right

Here are a couple of pictures from a pumpkin picking expedition

Kelly, Kim and Dad

Kelly, Dad and Mom


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honig family

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