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Rest in Peace, Little Bootsie

1991-January 22, 2008

The Many Faces of Boots

My Cat

Here's our cat, Boots. She's quite a character. She's a physically challenged cat. Her right paw is paralyzed, but she can move her shoulder. She manages quite well, though. She's also more like a dog than a cat. She's not aloof. She hates to be in the room alone. She will run to the door when we come home and cry to be petted or picked up. She's also very easily frightened. She's really cute!

     Here's my kitty


Taking a nap

    Checking out the view

You called?

  She's just a baby

and she's crazy!

Here I am with Boots

VISIT BOOTS' HOME PAGE on The Purina Cat Chow website

"Cats are intended to teach us
that not everything in nature
has a purpose."
Garrison Keillor



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