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30th Anniversary Party

August 13, 2005

Black Forest Brew Haus, Farmingdale


Happy Anniversary cake

When we first arrived, the girls gave us these flower leis to wear.

Bill's still wearing his flower lei.

the room looked beautiful

The assembled Honig family.

Laura, Kim, Bill, Carl, George

Al and Jan Kolb

Arch and Sue Carey

Tom Finn, his girlfriend, Melissa and Billy

Bill's coworkers

Bill's coworkers

Phil, Alyssa, Bob

a few words

a few more words!

Typical Honig silliness.

are we done yet?

ready to cut the cake

group portrait

Ah, from a different angle!

another shot

Posing with the cake.

Didn't we do this 30 years ago?

Cutting the cake.

Cutting the cake.

family portrait

Kim, Billy, Kelly

Posing for pictures.

The Honig family

another family portrait

More posing.

Kim, Billy, Kelly

another picture of the party organizers

Bill and Caroline

random shot of the gathering

Kelly and Laura chatting

the bubbles were fun!

Steven blowing bubbles

the golfing buddies


Iris, Caroline and Feri.

Iris, Caroline, Feri, Mohammed and Larry.

Sharon and her husband.

Sid and John.

The long table!

John and his wife and Joan.

Michelle and hubby.

John, Caroline, Sherlock.

Bill's coworkers enjoying the festivities.

Mohammed and Feri.

Sherlock and Wilgress

The assembled throng.

Me and Bill.

More party mingling.

Kim, Carl and Jim.

Kelly and Laura.

Me and Jim.

Jim and Shari.

Jim and Bob


Kristen and Kelly.

Kristen and her husband, Michael.

Kristen and Kelly.

These guys really had fun with these cameras!

Kristen being cool.

Kelly and Alyssa (aka Adi).

Kelly partying away.


and her husband, Arch.

The happy anniversary banners. Kelly hung them in our living room. I was so impressed that they made one with our names. It takes so little to impress me!

the balloons in our living room